Hellenic Association of Motor Vehicle Importers-Representatives

Ecodriving Principles

Driving habits and the environment
The reduction of CO2 emission requires combination of factors. Eco-driving is among the actions should be taken as it could lead to reduction in fuel consumption and in CO2 emissions of up to 20%.
Eco-Driving, is a “smart” way of driving, which can be easily applied to all types of vehicles. Today it is included among the most important official measures of EU, concerning the improvement of energy efficiency of road transport and CO2 reduction. Slight changes in driving style enable drivers to exploit fully the fuel-efficiency potential of modern technologies. Eco-driving is easy to apply.

Eco-driving advantages
Cost- cutting in fuel consumption and in vehicle’s maintenance
Comfort for the driver and the passengers
10-25% less accidents-improved road safety
Significant reduction of sound pollution
Up to 20% less fuel consumption and respective CO2 emissions
Significant reduction of pollutants emissions ( CO, H/C, NOx)
Decrease stress-levels while driving
Equal or even less travel time in compared to conventional style of driving.

The golden rules of eco-driving
Change in habits of drivers is a prerequisite to CO2 reduction. In order to protect the environment and reduce their expenses, the drivers need to apply slight changes in their driving styles following the golden rules of eco-driving.

The golden rules of eco-driving
Engine operation at the lowest possible revolutions
Maintain a steady speed
Anticipate traffic flow
Decelerate smoothly before stopping
Switch off the engine at short stops
Check the tyre pressure frequently once per month
Proper and tactic vehicle’s maintenance
Get rid of surplus weight and unused roof racks
Wise use of air-conditioning
Decelerate Smoothly when turning.