Hellenic Association of Motor Vehicle Importers-Representatives

General Goals

AMVIR  has the following objectives:
  • Growth of vehicles market

AMVIR promotes solutions and suggestions concerning the smooth functioning of its member companies. It aims at the growth of modern and profitable points of sale, maintenance and service all over Greece.

  • Promotion of member-companies’ products

AMVIR ensures the promotion of latest models and technological advancements in all types of vehicles through the acclaimed vehicle shows.

  • Informing consumers

The Association targets to familiarize the public with the automotive industry's progress and the national and European vehicle market evolution, and the effects of them on the social and economic prosperity.

  • Protection of the environment

AMVIR aims at the improvement of citizens’ life quality and the minimization of the vehicles' impact on the environment, through the circulation of modern and "clean" cars and the exit from circulation of old, unsafe and polluting vehicles.

  • Good condition of the fleet

The Association pursues the preservation of the circulating vehicles in good condition, supporting a successful and thorough operation of the Technical Inspection Centers.

  • Enhancement of road safety

The Association of Motor Vehicles Importers Representatives supports efforts for reducing road accidents, which unfortunately are many in our country.

  • Improvement of road transport conditions

AMVIR aims at the elimination of time spent in commuting, an increase of parking space and a reduction of traffic load.