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The Greek automotive market
(December 2016)
Passenger cars

New: The new passenger car market fell by -30.1% in December compared to the same period the year before.

Overall, the passenger car market continued for fourth consecutive year its positive course and it almost reached 80,000 passenger car sales, up by 4.0% compared to 2015. More precisely, 78,873 new passenger cars registered as compared to 75,805 the year before.

This progress is mainly attributable to the remarkable resilience shown by the tourism through which car rental sales surged. Moreover, the particularly high demand for long-term leasing and corporate cars has further strengthened the passenger car market.

However, the mounting tax liabilities and the additional implementation of tough fiscal measures in 2016 such as the new increase in the VAT rate, has further reduced the household incomes and savings thus worsened the already collapsed private consumption

The passenger car market remains at unsustainably low levels for many years contrary to other passenger car markets in European countries hit by crisis. A good example of this is the new passenger car registrations per 1,000 inhabitants for the period 2009-2015. In Greece, this figure amounted only to 9 cars when the respective figure in EU15 amounted to 30!

As far as December is concerned, diesel passenger cars surpassed once again petrol variants (60.4% diesel, 36.5% petrol).

Passenger car market in December 2016 posted 4,765 registrations compared to 6,816 the year before. Diesel passenger car registrations reached 2,879 units (60.4%), followed by 1,738 petrol passenger cars (36.5%), 140 hybrids (2.9%), 4 dual-fuel cars (0.1%) , 2 CNG-powered cars and 2 electric ones. 92.0% of total passenger car registrations are cars with engine size up to 1,600 cc, while segment B dominates with a market share of 37.0%.

Light Commercial Vehicles (gross weight up to 3,5 tons)

New: light commercial vehicle market continue in December its negative course and fell by -29.6% compared to December 2015.

In 2016, 5,626 light trucks were registered compared with 5,652 in 2015 (-0.5%), while Vanettes represents the highest share in the market (45.0%) followed by pick-ups with a market share of 37.4%.

Concerning December 2016, Pick-ups represents the highest share in the light commercial vehicle market (43.1%) followed by Vanettes with a market share of 41.1%.

Light commercial vehicles market posted 404 registrations in December 2016 compared to 574 the same month a year before, witnessing a decline of -29.6%.

Commercial Vehicles (gross weight over 3,5 tons)

New: The commercial vehicle market continue for fifth consecutive month in December its negative course and plummeted -54.4% compared to December 2015.

In 2016, 317 units have been registered as compared to 458 units the year before, suggesting a drop of -30.8%.

In December 2016, 26 trucks have been sold in total, compared with 57 the year before (-29.6%).

Moreover, imported used commercial vehicles still cover the greatest share of the specific market segment. New CVs represent only a small percentage, pushing the average age of commercial vehicles in Greece to high levels. This, expectedly, generates environmental and road safety issues.


New: The bus market remained at the same levels to the year before.

In 2016, 191 buses have been registered compared with 129 in 2015, witnessing an increase of 48.1%.

Regarding December 2016, 8 buses were sold in total, the same as in December 2015 (+0.0%).

Motorcycles (over 50cc)

New: The motorcycle market outperformed in December by 104.8% compared to the year before.

In 2016, 41,520 motorcycles have been registered as opposed to 34,485, in 2015 (+20.4%).

The surge of sales in December is due solely to technical reasons and is not linked, by any means, to strong demand for motorcycles

Motorcycle sales in December reached 6,622 units, up 104.8% compared to the same period in 2015 (3,234 units). It should be noted, that 9 out of 10 new motorcycles sold are up to 250 cc (88.1%).