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The Greek automotive market
(June 2017)
Passenger cars

New: The new passenger car market is up 14.4% in June compared with the same period the year before.

In the first six months of 2017, 50,356 new passenger cars were registered compared to 47,413 the year before (+14.4%).

This increase was based on the increased demand for rentals but nevertheless, the passenger car market is -66.9% down compared to 2000-2009 average.

As far as June is concerned, petrol passenger cars surpassed for fourth consecutive month the petrol variants (56.9% petrol, 40.8% diesel).

Passenger car market in June 2017 posted 10,141 registrations compared to 8,863 the year before. Petrol passenger car registrations reached 5,775 units (56.9%), followed by 4,136 diesel passenger cars (40.8%), 208 hybrids (2.1%), 18 CNG-powered cars (0.2%), 2 electric and 2 dual-fuel cars. 94.5% of total passenger car registrations are cars with engine size up to 1,600 cc, while segment B dominates with a market share of 37.5%.

Light Commercial Vehicles (gross weight up to 3,5 tons)

New: Light commercial vehicle market turned negative and is down -10.2% compared to June 2016.

Since January 2017, 3,481 light trucks were registered compared with 2,873 the same period in 2016 (+21.2%). Vanettes represents the highest share in the market (47.1%) followed by pick-ups with a market share of 35.5%.

Concerning June 2017, Vanettes represents the highest share in the light commercial vehicle market (59.1%) followed by pick-ups with a market share of 26.5%.

Light commercial vehicles market posted 589 registrations in June 2017 compared to 656 the year before, witnessing a decline of -10.2%.

Commercial Vehicles (gross weight over 3,5 tons)

New: The commercial vehicle market turned positive in June and surged by 158.1% compared to the corresponding month in 2016.

Since the beginning of the year, 229 units were registered as compared to 149 the year before, suggesting an increase of 13.9%.

In June 2017, 80 trucks were sold in total, compared with 22 the year before (158.1%).

Moreover, imported used commercial vehicles still cover the greatest share of the specific market segment. New CVs represent only a small percentage, pushing the average age of commercial vehicles in Greece to high levels. This, expectedly, generates environmental and road safety issues.


New: The bus market continued for third consecutive month its negative course and was down -62.5% compared to June 2016.

During the first six months of the year, 99 buses were registered compared with 119 the year before (-16.8%).

Regarding June 2017, 15 buses were sold in total as opposed to 40 buses in June 2016 (-62.5%).

Motorcycles (over 50cc)

New: The motorcycle market continued its negative course for sixth consecutive month and was down by -22.0% in June 2017 compared to the year before.

Since January, 14,364 motorcycles were registered compared with 19,034 the year before (-24.5%).

Motorcycle market in June 2017 posted 3,926 registrations compared to 5,036 in May 2016. 6 out of 10 new motorcycles which were registered in June are equipped with engines up to 250 cc (63.4%), while 88.1% of total registrations are motorcycles up to 400 cc.