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The Greek automotive market
(May 2017)
Passenger cars

New: The new passenger car market is down -20.9% in May compared with the same period the year before.

In the first five months of 2017, 40,215 new passenger cars were registered compared to 38,550 the year before (+4.3%).

It is meaningless however to compare the figures of 2016 with this year’s figures, at least for the first six months of this year, as the withdrawal scheme that has been in force in 2016 resulted to extended fluctuations in the market.

Passenger car market continues to suffer strong pressure mainly due to over-taxation of households and businesses and therefore is -67.9% lower compared to period 2000-2009.

As far as May is concerned, petrol passenger cars surpassed for third consecutive month the petrol variants (59.3% petrol, 38.6% diesel).

Passenger car market in May 2017 posted 10,666 registrations compared to 13,489 the year before. Petrol passenger car registrations reached 6,321 units (59.3%), followed by 4,117 diesel passenger cars (38.6%), 209 hybrids (2.0%), 11 CNG-powered cars (0.1%), 5 electric and 3 dual-fuel cars. 94.0% of total passenger car registrations are cars with engine size up to 1,600 cc, while segment B dominates with a market share of 37.0%.

Light Commercial Vehicles (gross weight up to 3,5 tons)

New: Light commercial vehicle market turned positive and is up 34.5% compared to May 2016.

Since January 2017, 2,892 light trucks were registered compared with 2,128 the same period in 2016 (+30.4%). Vanettes represents the highest share in the market (44.7%) followed by pick-ups with a market share of 37.4%.

Concerning May 2017, Vanettes represents the highest share in the light commercial vehicle market (61.1%) followed by pick-ups with a market share of 23.2%.

Light commercial vehicles market posted 764 registrations in May 2017 compared to 428 the year before, witnessing a rise of 34.5%.

Commercial Vehicles (gross weight over 3,5 tons)

New: The commercial vehicle market turned negative in May and fell by -17.1% compared to the corresponding month in 2016.

Since the beginning of the year, 127 units were registered as compared to 139 the year before, suggesting a decline of -8.6%.

In May 2017, 22 trucks were sold in total, compared with 34 the year before (-29.0%).

Moreover, imported used commercial vehicles still cover the greatest share of the specific market segment. New CVs represent only a small percentage, pushing the average age of commercial vehicles in Greece to high levels. This, expectedly, generates environmental and road safety issues.


New: The bus market continued for second consecutive month its negative course and was down -30.8% compared to May 2016.

During the first five months of the year, 84 buses were registered compared with 79 the year before (+6.3%).

Regarding May 2017, 18 buses were sold in total as opposed to 26 buses in May 2016 (-30.8%).

Motorcycles (over 50cc)

New: The motorcycle market continued its negative course for fifth consecutive month and was down by -14.3% in May 2017 compared to the year before.

Since January, 10,438 motorcycles were registered compared with 13,998 the year before (-25.4%).

Motorcycle market in May 2017 posted 3,805 registrations compared to 32,492 in May 2016. 6 out of 10 new motorcycles which were registered in May are equipped with engines up to 250 cc (63.2%), while 86.2% of total registrations are motorcycles up to 400 cc.