Hellenic Association of Motor Vehicle Importers Representatives

Passenger cars

Concerning Passenger Cars AMVIR pursues the following:

  • The gradual abolishment of vehicle purchase taxation, which in any case must be calculated according to their environmental performance.
  • The introduction of "disincentives" on the use of older, unsafe and polluting cars. 
  • The improvement of "Green Ring" measure, which has already taken effect since September 1st 2012, so as to prohibit polluting vehicles aged 22 years to enter the city center. 
  • The abolishment of the special permissions to car owners to enter the city center as the improper issuing of such permissions in the past eradicated the significance of the measure.
  • The permission to only eco-friendly taxis that meet the Euro 5 standard or higher and emit less than 140 g/km carbon dioxide to enter Athens' city center.
  • The proper implementation of the"Green Ring" measure from Traffic Police by conducting intensive inspections so as the community to reap the benefits.
  • The adoption of a new system that restricts or permits the circulation of cars in Athens' city center, according to the vehicles' emissions, since the current system (based on the vehicles' number plate) is severely outdated.
  • The improvement and maintenance of the fleet’s good condition  through constant technical monitoring carried out by the Periodical Technical Inspection Centers.
  • The investment of a proportion of State’s revenue coming from taxes imposed on cars in order to improve road infrastructure.